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Pics Mash WordPress Plugin

The Ultimate "Facemash" style WordPress plugin

Thank you for purchasing this plugin. If you have any questions beyond the scope of this help document, please feel free to contact us via email. Thanks for using Pics Mash!

Quick Start Guide


Pics Mash WordPress Plugin

This Quick Start Guide will walk you through the basics of this WordPress Plugin. By the end of this guide you will have the Pics Mash Plugin installed.

1. Log into your WordPress blog admin area

Log in to WordPress

2. Once logged in click "Plugins" on the left hand menu (if you don't have a "plugins" option you will have to ask a blog administrator to do this and the following steps!)

Click "Plugins"

3. Once on the "Plugins" page click the "Add New" button in the top middle of the page:

4. On the next page "Install Plugins", click the "Upload" link as indicated by the red arrow in this screenshot:

Click Upload

5. On the next page you will be asked to "Choose File" - Click this button and here you must select the MySmashAffiliate .zip you have downloaded from Code Canyon, once you have selected that .zip file Click "Install Now":

6. The next page will be entitled "Installing Plugin From Uploaded File: PicsMash.zip" on this page click "Activate Plugin":


7. Once you have clicked "Activate plugin" you will see a screen similar to the next image, with a yellow "Plugin Activated" message and a two new menu items "Pics Mash" and "My Pics Mash" 

8. Congratulations, Pics Mash is now installed! You are nearly ready to start displaying your images in a "Facemash" type webpage.

New menus



Thanks for using the Pics Mash Plugin!



The Pics Mash Settings

This section of the documentation covers the new customisable settings available in v2.0


The settings are pretty self explanatory

Item purchase code - this is the purchase code which is included in your license certificate for the plugin on your downloads page.


Clicking Licence Certificate will download a text file, your item purchase code is inside

item purchase code

What is this used for? It's used to verify your purchase of the plugin and makes you eligible for inclusion in the upcoming features in V2.0

Show Scores

This is a yes/no option as to whether or not you wish to display the rankings below each image. Showing the rankings could sway someones decision, but it also gives people an indication of how good the image is if it is shown.

Show Facebook comments

Gives you the option as to whether you wish to display Facebook comments instead of the WordPress standard comments. Facebook comments help increase engagement as the comments are published to the users News Feed by default.

Show Social Share

Gives you the option as to whether you wish to display the social share buttons (Tweet, Facebook like, Pin it, Google+1) on the individual Pics Mash image pages.

Add NextGEN compatability

The plugin can add your images to the pics mash directly from your NextGEN galleries. It's really easy. If you have this option set to YES. You will allow the plugin to add the images from your NextGEN galleries. It couldn't be easier.



Adding images to rate


1. First make sure you have some images in your Media Library

The Pics Mash plugin uses the images in your media library to be included in the rating game. If you do not have any images in your Media Library. Upload some before clicking the "My Pics Mash" menu. 

Add images to Media library

2. Use the "My Pics Mash" menu to add all the images from your Media Library to the "Pics Mash" rating game.

Once you have images in your media library, clicking the "My Pics Mash" menu will take you to the Plugin page which adds the images to a custom post type called "picsmash' for the ratings to be applied and stored.

Adding images

Clicking the "Add Images" button will process your media library adding your images to the Pics Mash rating tool. Don't worry, you can always delete ones you do not want to include in the game from the "Pics Mash" menu page.

Images added

3. Check out all your lovely new images, ready to be rated in the Pics Mash game

Once the images are added, you can view them on the "Pics Mash" menu. The image scores are stored so you can easily see which images from your Library are performing best in the game!! You can click on each image to check out it's page in more detail. The following shows how images are held in v2.0

Pics Mash

Mash Categories and Mash Tags?

These are custom taxonomies for you to use alongside your Pics Mash image custom posts. They allow you to add categories to each image as well as image tags. You can use the Gallery, Categories and Author later in shortcodes to easily display your Pics Mash images.


From v1.1 you are able to manually add images to the Pics Mash rating tool. The following image shows a screenshot of this.

Clicking the "Manually Add Pic" option will bring up the following page

Here you can upload images manually to your media library, or enter an external URL to be used in the game. Click PUBLISH and the image whose URL you have in the box above will be used in the game.


From v2.0 you are able to allow your website users to upload images to your Pics Mash rating tool. This helps boost user engagement and can have your visitors coming back more frequently to see how their images are getting on, and even vote them up a few times. More traffic = good things.

Upload image front end

User Upload

Using Shortcodes

Once you have added your Media Library to the Pics Mash rating tool, you'll want to display the rating tool on your website (why else would you have bought this plugin?). This is all achieved through the use of shortcodes. It couldn't be eaiser.

1. Show the images in Pics Mash on any post or page!

The main shortcode you want to use is the [picsmash] shortcode. This creates an instance of the rating tool on any post or page.

picsmash shortcode

Publish the page and BINGO you have a working installation of a Facemash style rating game on your website.

front end game

2. Engage your users more and find out which images on your blog your viewers really like!!

You can check the performance of your images through the "Pics Mash" menu. Ratings and Votes are stored and you can sort the posts in the Admin menu by highest rated, lowest rated, highest number of votes, lowest number of votes.



3. Show the highest and lowest ranking images to your website visitors.


The plugin allows you to display the top and bottom rated images to your website visitors, all done through the use of shortcodes on any page or post. To show the top rated images, the shortcode to use is [toprated] as shown below:

toprated shortcode

Publish the page and YAY! you're now able to show the top rated images to your visitors.

top rated 2


Increase user engagement EVEN MORE on your website by installing a Social Gallery plugin. The best plugin out there without a doubt is the Social Gallery plugin



If you're feeling mean and would like to show to the world which images people have voted their least favourite. You can do that through the use of another really easy shortcode [bottomrated]

bottom rated



The above shortcodes have the following variants

Filter by Gallery

[picsmash gallery = 'Media']

[toprated gallery = 'Media']

[bottomrated gallery = 'Media']

This will create a Pics Mash game from your Media Library alone. If you are using NextGEN then you should enter the name of your NextGEN gallery here (you can see what this is on the Pics Mash post pages as one of the custom columns shown).

Filter by Author


[picsmash author = '1'] 

[toprated author = '1']

[bottomrated author = '1']

This will create an Author specific Pics Mash game. Perfect if you are running a Social Networking type site where you would like to give your users the ability to create their own Pics Mash games. Also a good way to increase the number of sign ups to your website. You can only upload images to Pics Mash if you are a logged in user (more people may register to your website to play their very own Pics Mash game). You enter the author ID into the shortcode.

hint: If you are using this shortcode on a custom PHP page, simply use some code like:

global $current_user;
$pid = $current_user->ID;

echo do_shortcode["picsmash Author = '$pid'"];



Filter by Category


[picsmash cats = '61'] 

[toprated cats = '61']

[bottomrated author = '61']

This will create Mash Category specific Pics Mash rating games on your website. You can add Mash Categories in the same way you would normally add categories to WordPress posts. The Mash Categories are kept seperate to your blog post categories to make displaying them even easier.



Comment and Share

Comment and Share

The biggest new feature of v2.0 is the inclusion of a custom post template to display the images in the Pics Mash games. After you have entered your shortcode to display the Pics Mash rating tool. The images are displayed as shown below

New layout

Clicking the "Share and Comment" link takes you to the new page created when the photos are processed. Shown below.

Share and Comment page (Facebook comments)

Facebook comments



Share and Comment page (WordPress comments)

Using Facebook comments may not be to your liking (e.g. Facebook is usually blocked on a lot of work networks so comments will not display). You may also like to have WordPress comments rather than the Facebook comments anyway. This is one of your options in the plugin settings. The following image shows how this page template looks when you have Facebook comments disbabled.

WordPress comments

Social Share buttons. 

Another optional extra is the ability to Tweet, Pin, Google+1 and Facebook Like/Send the image. This will help instantly boost your social reach and help you leverage the social sharing features of the web and generate yourself even more traffic!!

Social Share

Installing the Plugin Via FTP

It’s very quick and easy to install the My Smash Affiliate Wordpress Plugin, simply follow these 4 steps:

1.     Unzip your download and put the “My Smash Affiliate” folder somewhere memorable

2.     Upload the “My Smash Affilate” folder into your Wordpress plugins folder

3.     Once fully uploaded you will see the My Smah Affiliate plugin on your plugin’s screen, click “Activate” under its title.

4.     After activating My Smash Affiliate a new menu item will be added to your side bar. Clicking “My Smash” from your side bar will let you configure the plugin.

5.     That's it. You're ready to go! (B below explains configuration options.)

If you have any problems installing our plugin please do read this great guide from Wordpress or alternatively read our Quick Start Guide

Further Help & Support


Pics Mash was designed to be SUPER easy, but in the rare case that you should you require any further help please contact us.


Thanks again for using the Pics Mash Plugin!!

Change Log

Here you will find changes between versions of the Pics Mash plugin.

v2.0 - 01/11/2012 - major release. Social sharing, front end uploading, custom filters and much more
v1.1 - 27/10/2012 - version 1.1 implementing NextGEN galleries and some bug fixes
v1.0 - 06/10/2012 - Original Release